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In the last couple of weeks, shipment after shipment of stuffed bunnies have been brought into the city. Unbeknownst to the local authorities, each one of these benevolent bunnies was also housing small amounts of illegally imported goods. Although the exact nature of the goods is still up for debate, it is known that each one of these unwilling smugglers has been stripped of its contraband, abandoned, and left to wander the streets-hopeless and alone.

However, in the midst of this seemingly terrible strife, there is hope. The Theft and Rescue society has recorded the locations of dozens of our floppy eared friends and posted it on this website. Here you can find the last known location of these wayward cottontails so that you can venture out into the streets and help these defenseless creatures and give them a good home. Please, take some time in your day and seek out a helpless hopper and save him from a fate worse than what has already befallen them.